• Blue

    has over 12 years of experience in advertising. Blue was selected to represent China at the Cannes Young Lions Print Competition in France. In 2017 she was exchange to BBH London office for several projects.

    Blue’s works have been shortlisted and/or awarded on both the local and international award circuits. These include several shortlists at Cannes Lions; a Gold in Video and a Silver in Print, both at the One Show Youth Awards ; and a Silver at the prestigious LongXi International Awards for Chinese advertising.


    After 12 years advertising career, blue joined The Camp as an art resident in France. With a mixed 16 countries team, co-created a sustainable project related with plastic art and ecosystem.


    Before joining Thecamp, Blue worked for AKQA, BBH, McCann Erickson , Dentsu, working on Clients that include: episteme, Lancôme, Chanel, Sephora, Max factor, Nike, Apple, Google, Martell, Audi, Swire Properties-Sanlitun Village, Mentos, Candy Crush, ABInBev and more.


    Now, blue work as a creative freelancer, world-widely.


    Chinese name is Lu Dongmei : )


    A Little Portrait Film

    Blue Portrait NOT YET RATED
  • Work Experience

    2020/2- @Tokyo as Creative Director Freelance


    2019/3 - 2019/10 THECAMP Hiver-- Art Residency

    Worked for Chanel Paris ; Airbus Paris;
    also is co-founder of Project Plasticity



    2018/5- 2018/11 AKQA Shanghai-- Creative Director

    Key client: Nike. Gore-Tex. Apple


    2013/8- 2018/5 BBH Shanghai-- Creative Director

    Key client: Nike. Google. AUDI. IKEA. Mentos. Carabao. Samsung. Candy Crush. Dulux. Harbin Beer.


    2011/10-2013/8 MCCANN-- Senior Copywriter

    Key client: Swire Properties. Sanlitun Village


    2010/07-2011/10 DENTSU-- Senior Copywriter

    Key client: episteme. Suntory


    2009/07-2010/07 Hantang-- Copywriter

    Key client: Bose. Hengyuanxiang


    2008/09-2009/07 Brainbrand-- Copywriter

    Key client: Lancome. Kiehls. Qidian.com


    2008/03-2008/09 BBDO-- Copywriter

    Key client: Stayfree. Nobel. Clarks. Dulux. Laneige

  • Awards

    2019 Nike Shanghai Never Done Shop Spikes Asia

    2019 Nike Shanghai Never Done Shop OneShow Shortlist

    2019 Nike Shanghai Never Done Shop FWA

    2019 Thecamp HIVE#03 Creative Residency

    2019 10th Athens Video Dance Project--「Plasticity Concept Film」

    2017 BBH London Creative Exchange

    2014 One Show Youth Gold

    2014 One Show Youth Silver

    2013 Cannes Young Lions

    2013 LongXi Awards Print Award: Merit

    2013 LongXi Awards Outdoor Award: Silver

    2013 Cannes Direct Awards: Shortlist

    The 17th China International Advertising Festival: creative Awards-low carbon age


  • Campaign

    Audi Lunar Calendar Print

    Audi Lunar Calendar Digital Film

    Ikea : Charity commercial ads

    Hennessy Dinning Digital Campaign

    Mentos Digital Campaign

    Plasticity Concept Film


    Plasticity User Film

  • Nike Shanghai NeverDone Shop

    Case film: https://vimeo.com/329068685

    Ikea New Year Campaign

    Don't Drink and Drive

    Let's Play Shai 北京三里屯

    Help Ivory

    Green Peace

    Long Sandal

  • Harbin Summer Digital Campaign: A Song you can find at KTV

    《一起哈啤》与MC HOTDOG共写歌

  • TVC & Digital

    Nike Digital Film

    Candy Crush TVC

    Candy Crush TVC

    Candy Crush TVC

    Candy Crush TVC

    Mentos Digital Film

    Mentos Digital Film

    Mentos TVC

    Dulux TVC

    One Show Short Film

    One Show Short Film

    One Show Short Film

    Underwater Shooting TVC

    Carabao E-sports Content Film

    Carabal Superfan Content Film

    Carabao Office Content Film

    Carabao Study Content Film

    Reality Show -- As an actress

    Something About Me

  • Little Thing


    A Poem







    温暖 漫到心上








    Performance Art : Be Your Own Clown


    @RAM Shanghai

  • mail: spotted.deer1202@hotmail.com

    wechat bloger:半路出诗

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